Monday, April 25, 2011

Light and Water: Post Two

In post one, I showed two photos of a glacial lake appearing quite different in the morning and the afternoon from the same location.

The two photos below were both taken in the morning. The first one was shot at 7:13 AM right on Lake Louise, and the second one was shot at 7:34 AM as I was little ways up the trail to the Beehive. Once again, we see the glacial lake appearing as a mirror and then appearing as an emerald sheet.

The questions now are: Why does the Lake look different in these two photos? How does this explanation compare to your explanation for post one?


  1. When you're higher in the mountains, the light that reaches you and the camera makes a smaller angle with the normal to the lake. This must also mean that the light that reflected off the lake had an equal angle. So it must be that you are seeing things in the lake that are more directly overhead, like clouds. These are beautiful photos.

  2. So, in the first one it's a choppy surface phenomena, and here it's an an issue of angles?