Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Light and Water: Post Six

This was picture was taken from Kidney Pond. Any guesses as to why I think this picture is interesting?


  1. Ok, all these posts have me super curious. This photo is fascinating because you're seeing the cloud reflection on the left half of the photo, and the blue sky reflection on the right half. This and the videos give me a bit more confidence that when the angle of incidence is large—you're near the surface of the lake, looking at something across the lake on the horizon, you see a reflection. Still, I don't really understand the first picture if it isn't small ripples causing specular reflections that don't lead to one image being formed at the camera.

  2. Curious indeed, especially it's relation to post one. A question for me about this photo is, "To what extent is it fair to call this a reflection?" I mean obviously some of the light from the sky is being reflected in some manner, but in many ways it's not much like a mirror. We don't see the mountains or trees reflected at all. Given that we are seeing "whitish" water where the reflection of mountains should be, this seems much more like diffuse reflection. No "images" seem to be formed here, at least not in any detail, just broad patches of overlapping reflected light, enough to distinguish the right from the left. And this is also an afternoon photo, making it much more like the afternoon photo in post one. Curious curious...

    Also note that the waves are pretty choppy here. Those clouds were the beginning of a very windy front, which made us have to paddle back on the edge of lake to even go anywhere.