Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Light and Water: Post Five

In a series of posts, I have been sharing some of the fun and perplexing aspects of nature of light and water. In this post, I share some fairly contrived observations that seem to touch upon that perplexity in a new way.

For these photos, I took a blue marker and painted "a lake" on a small whiteboard. On my large whiteboard, I painted a blue face. Then I held the small white board up against big white board a a right angle (right by the face), and took some photos from various vantage points.

As you progress along the three photos, I change my viewing angle from glancing to more normal to the small whiteboard. What happens seems to be like what I showed you in post two, where the lake turned from a mirror to a sheet.

Some questions that I've been pondering over
  1. How Can I explain the whiteboard phenomena
  2. How might this be the same and/or different from water phenomena, especially post two?
  3. Has this changed or refined my thinking about any of the previous posts?
  4. In what ways is the whiteboard like a mirror and not like a mirror? And Why?

And for, fun, I added these photo as well.

And just to show you that this isn't a trick with markers

And lastly, a link to a movie

More natural and contrived observations are on the way.

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