Sunday, April 24, 2011

Light and Water: Post One

The two pictures below are from Banff National Park. Every morning, the glacial lakes began as mirrors, but by afternoon those same lakes would turn emerald. The question is why?


  1. I'm thinking there was wind in the afternoon that causes small ripples on the lake, which roughened the surface of the water prevented the reflection.

  2. Hmm… do you think that a few ripples will prevent reflection?

    More likely, the direction from which the light comes either allows for reflection (morning) or seeing through the water to the basin underneath (afternoon).

  3. Ripples can have an effect for sure. Fraz, you seem to be doubting that it's having an effect here. Any particular reason?

    And I do think the angle of the light is a factor, as well, but I'm not sure we are seeing the basin. I think we have to be careful to think about what light we are talking about, and where is it coming from. I think are many paths we have to simultaneously consider