Friday, May 27, 2011

Light and Water: Post Eleven

Here's another example of a surface acting like a mirror, made particularly interesting by the fact that some objects are behind the table, and some objects are on the table.

Question of the Day: Why does Joe Biden's hand look so much closer to the other guy's chin in the reflection than it does in reality?


  1. Here's my thought. Biden is illuminated by a flash, which is a powerful light source that is coming from a location that is far separated from the room lights. The room lights produce the other reflections you see, but Biden's reflection is produced by the light from the camera flash, and so the light from the flash bounces off his face and the table at a very different angle, producing a image in a different location.

  2. I can't imagine how the light source would have this effect. An image location is determined by the object and the mirror locations, right?

    I guess another example in the photo is this... why does Joe Biden's hand look like its on top of his name tag thing (in the reflection, but not in reality)...

    I *think* all of this is just perspective-taking issues, with nothing funny is going on.