Thursday, March 17, 2011

What could you do with this?

Here are photos of the sunrise taken from my balcony. One is from August. The other is from January. What question could I ask students? What questions could my students ask? What could I ask them to do with this?


  1. I'm really enjoying reading your site. Your paradigm of what makes good learning is similar to my own, and, as a former high school bio teacher homeschooling her small children, this attitude bears applying in many contexts I find myself in!

    This question really pulls at me. I wonder if one could figure out where due North is from these pictures and a map. I wonder if one could figure out where the sun would rise for the winter and summer solstices. I wonder, if without a map of where they were taken from, and ample time to roam around your town, if one could find your balcony. I wonder if one could ascertain, by knowing on what date these shots were taken, at what latitude you lived.

    I wonder if I'm going to get anything else done today for wondering about these questions!

  2. @turkeydoodles

    Yeah, I too got wrapped up in so many questions from these photos. Lots of rabbit holes. Lots of fun. I spent one afternoon figuring out how long the days were based just on where the sun came up and where I live. Another trying to make sense of what the angle between the location sunrises on two different solstices should be.